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if you find it hard, take this walkthrough

if you want to speedrunner things, use this instead

Ahhh, so good to be back playing some Ambassador! I played the original demo way back when that first popped up, and this new take on things is familiar and yet fresh at the same time!

The pixelated style is still wonderful, the enemies are still tough but beatable (darn you Fergus and your table flippin' nonsense!) and the new twist on the story seems to be a good one too. Add to that the changeable equipment and you've got a pretty solid little foundation for a game!

Certainly hope you keep at it and we see a lot more of Gregor and hopefully we can change that pesky king's mind about wanting me dead! Keep up the awesome work! =)


I love this game a lot but I couldn't get passed a level because they are saying get this new sword by using scroll wheel but I don't have a mouse so I am not able to do that so I will like TinyDinoGames to put in a new button we should use to get the new sword because I would like to keep on playing but I can't without the scroll wheel

Hey there! That's a really good point... Give us a day or two and we'll try to put a patch out that addresses this issue for you. We will find a key to bind it to.

yay thx

Hey! Sorry for the super late response. Things go a bit hectic on our end. I just published a build with an alternative control scheme to switch weapons. You may now use Q to switch weapons instead. Hope you have time to give it another go :



I liked it! I wish the sword did more damage, though, given that it can break down the wooden gates. You don't really seem to need the breaking mechanic that often, either, so the low damage and slow reload speed on the sword just make the crossbow more appealing overall.

Hey thanks for checking it out! We're glad you liked it!

Yeah the sword was sorta of designed for those who have a bit more trouble aiming. The rotation sort of artificially expands the area it can hit when moving forward. Crossbow in this build is definitely the play if you can aim well!

Wow, didn't even think about that. That's pretty cool.

Hey all!

Posted another patch with some bug fixes:

Controller dead zone issue on left stick fixed, right stick aiming refined
Player now unable to side step bridge explosion
Fatal error on restart during item grab from npc fixed
Stopping time wont stop Fergus table throw
Can no longer get duplicate items

Hope this resolves some issues. Shout out to@SilentDrumr for finding these!


Good pacing with this demo, I can't believe it's been almost two years since first playing an TA build. Bring on the full release. :)


Thanks Cryptic! Yeah it's been a loooong time. We cant wait to wrap it up.

I had an issue of my character constantly walking to the right and wasn't able to figure out what was causing it. Had some issues navigating the menus too. But I absolutely love the gameplay and machanics in this! It's really nice to see a time stop mechanic that isn't super gimmicky, but rather a core component to the game. Great work!


holy cow is that odd. Lol

Do you have anything odd like controllers extra mice etc. Plugged in? You could have also olunfocused the window some how and still played without ever refocusing... I'll look into it!

Away from my PC now but I'll give your video a watch when I get home! thanks is for checking it out!

I have two mice, two keyboards, and a controller but none had any given inputs during the recording. But I did have to click out of the window multiple times to start the recording though!


I just watched the video! Thanks for the great review, it was a ton of fun watching you! Seriously you're really solid at what you do, I was engaged the entire time.

I just wish you weren't running to the right the whole time.. Maybe try unplugging everything except the mode of control your using? Could be a joystick or key is stuck on one of the other controllers / keyboards. Clicking in and out of the window might have done it too. I'm trying to replicate on my end but not having much luck in doing so.


Hey, just a heads up. We dug in more and found it to be a dead zone issue on some controllers. I just published a patch that should have it fixed. If you have time to give it a shot we would love to hear if it's working as expected for you.

Hi there! First of all i really like the pixelized graphics and the characters powers! keep it up guys! 

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Hey thanks for checking the game out!

Yeah we'll check you guys out and I'll let you know :)

Sure! ;)