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Introducing the cutest way to sacrifice someone via volcano, Totem! 

Totem is a strategy based resource management game. Play as an up and coming deity and try to spread your influence across the world! Add travelers to your following, fight invaders, or have your subjects make offerings to you. This is your world and you know best how to run it!

Totem was built in 3 days for the Score Space Jam #6

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Totem.zip - Original Jam Build 25 MB
Totem.exe 38 MB
totem.zip 26 MB

Development log


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I tried to download your game with the Itch.io client but this doesn't work. Did you tested this or is this a client problem

We haven't tested with the itch.io client. Maybe try downloading directly from the website?

Yes I will do this. Your game looks interesting for me :)

sounds good! let us know what you think! :)

Oh, LOVING the new, simplified summaries.

But I am still VERY bad at this.


We're glad you like them!

Just so much fun!! Love it <3 <3 

Thanks so much for playing! Really happy you liked it! If you want to give it another go, we just published an update with some pretty major changes. 


Oh hell yes i will!! <3 <3  Thank You <3 <3 

Wish I'd done better, but now that I have more time (and Cytoskeleton's video as a guide), I might actually be able to get somewhere.

"I will throw a shit ton of people into a volcano! You don't even fucking know!" That's going as one of the tag lines when we show this off lol. Thanks for the review man, we always enjoy watching you. We've also posted an update if you want to give it another go. We did a major overhaul.

Sweeet. Will Cytoskeleton's video still function as a decent guideline?


Probably not. Convert Invader has been changed to repel invader and no longer results in follower conversion, which was the corner stone of his strategy. This build should give you more freedom with your zeal though, so you have a bit more of a choice in how you play.

I'll do my best!

I cant seem to be able to download the game why 

might be something with your firewall or anti-virus


That game was delightful. After the first game I got the hang of it and really enjoyed it!! Great work!

Thank you!


Really pretty! I love your art style :D



Lots of fun has been had and will be had trying to optimize my strategy in this!
To anyone who wants to learn the basics, feel free to check my playthrough!

Thanks for checking it out! Loved watching your play through